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Auteur Ardor

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Busy in the sense that I’ve got an encore presentation of my play to prepare for (Ending a phrase with a preposition? YES! English is Germanic, not Latin.), moving to a new apartment, producing two new projects, writing, and doing quick paying jobs for money.

On the latter, I’ve decided against the time honored acting tradition of waiting tables to make a little extra cash. I don’t particularly like serving customers in that capacity even though I’m sickeningly good at it. I’m going on the freelance hustle starting with background work. Luckily, I’m in both AFTRA and SAG so it pays better and goes towards pensions and health insurance and all of those other practicalities that we artists types are so bad at tracking.

Feel free to stop by the Hudson Guild Community Center’s Theater to check out the Riant Theatre’s encore presentation of my Summer 2010 Strawberry One Act Festival Best Play Something Like Penguins!

That was a mouthful.