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The How to ______ Plays

On top of flying out to LA to work on David Chase’s film I’ve been involved in State of Play Productions’ new slate of short plays. I was approached earlier this year to write a new play for their festival of off-Broadway plays. What I came up with was a weird dysfunctional (why is that spelled with a “y”?) post-coitus conversation between two mutually desirous idiots.

Being that I’m also busy co-producing a web series with Lisa Hammer that I’m hoping will get picked up I really didn’t want to do much more than write. I was happy when they told me their policy on not having writers act in or direct their own plays. Fine by me! I need my sleep. However, I did read a play that peaked my interest. Brent Lengel has written a complicated and absurd piece about the nature of online community forums. I decided to audition for it. Long story short, I will be performing in his Trolling: 101 which opens next week. This will be on the same night as my play Venus ATTACKS!

I’m hoping to get some industry people in to see it. Time to send out those emails and postcards!