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We Keep Winning Awards

So, The Pox Show, brainchild of the talented and often deranged imaginations of Lisa Hammer (The Venture Bros) and Chris O’Leary, keeps winning awards. The talented crew who developed and produced the title sequence won a Hugo Award for it and we’ve just learned that we totally won a Telly Award for comedy! I’m getting tired of being so working with so many talented people. Calgon, take me away!

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See You Next Tuesday

I was very happy to be cast in a feature written and directed by the lugubrious Drew Tobias. There are a lot of talented people working on this project and it should have some good luck in the festival circuit.

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Writing Excerpts

I’ve finally updated my Writing page (just click the above tab) with some excerpts. More to come shortly, which, according to my frequency of updates, could be as soon as five years!

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The Pox Show!

I’m taking today off.

We had a grueling day of shooting a pilot web series. It’s the latest iteration of The Pox Show. We had a lot of great people working that day and though I’ve worked a lot of long hours on sets before nothing really compares to producing something with no money. It basically means you are wearing a lot of different hats and if something doesn’t get done you literally go and do it because you didn’t have the money to hire someone to do it for you.

I was particularly exhausted because I added acting into the mix.

Either way, we got everything we needed, a lot of great shots with our DP’s new camera, and are now in the process of uploading the videos for editing.

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Filling the Calender

I helped out a great friend with a short film over Memorial Day weekend. It should turn out quite nicely.

Otherwise I need to fill out my calender with new projects. I’ve got a couple of idea brewing at the time of this writing. One is a fun and light Rom-Com the details of which I am not going to divulge. Lets just say it would make a great studio pic. On the more doable level, I’m going to write another short relationship comedy that will close out the other two short plays I’ve written. It’s apparently going to be a trilogy that I’ll have filmed in and around NYC and then submit it to festivals. This is on top of writing another less comedic short for the film that I just helped with and starring in and producing The POX Show.

Looks like my calender’s already full.

Happy Birthday to me!

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Wrapping Up State of Play or What’s Next?

I’ve finished up the State of Play Productions of the How to _____ Plays. It was a surprising success. The run turned a profit so I and my fellows were able to receive a bonus stipend for our efforts. Which is nice considering there were over 30 collaborators!

What’s next for me?

Venus ATTACKS! was a rom-com that pokes a finger at the absurdity of modern relationships in the same vein as Something Like Penguins. What I’m going to do now (as suggested by a director friend of mine) is write a third short and incorporate it into a feature length rom-com with the other two. I will then have a different director handle each vignette. Then I will send it through the festival circuit.

I can’t wait to start this new project!

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The How to ______ Plays

On top of flying out to LA to work on David Chase’s film I’ve been involved in State of Play Productions’ new slate of short plays. I was approached earlier this year to write a new play for their festival of off-Broadway plays. What I came up with was a weird dysfunctional (why is that spelled with a “y”?) post-coitus conversation between two mutually desirous idiots.

Being that I’m also busy co-producing a web series with Lisa Hammer that I’m hoping will get picked up I really didn’t want to do much more than write. I was happy when they told me their policy on not having writers act in or direct their own plays. Fine by me! I need my sleep. However, I did read a play that peaked my interest. Brent Lengel has written a complicated and absurd piece about the nature of online community forums. I decided to audition for it. Long story short, I will be performing in his Trolling: 101 which opens next week. This will be on the same night as my play Venus ATTACKS!

I’m hoping to get some industry people in to see it. Time to send out those emails and postcards!


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Untitled David Chase Project

I’m still getting used to giving regular updates. Here’s another one.

I’ve been lucky enough to get my first studio picture with Paramount Pictures. It’s a small part but a good credit, regardless. And it’s with New York producer/director David Chase of The Sopranos. Untitled David Chase Production filmed in New York City but the last week was shot in Los Angeles which is where I ended up working.

Funny how I left LA for NYC and my first studio gig ends up shooting in LA! Well, that’s how it goes around here.

More to come!

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Auteur Ardor

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Busy in the sense that I’ve got an encore presentation of my play to prepare for (Ending a phrase with a preposition? YES! English is Germanic, not Latin.), moving to a new apartment, producing two new projects, writing, and doing quick paying jobs for money.

On the latter, I’ve decided against the time honored acting tradition of waiting tables to make a little extra cash. I don’t particularly like serving customers in that capacity even though I’m sickeningly good at it. I’m going on the freelance hustle starting with background work. Luckily, I’m in both AFTRA and SAG so it pays better and goes towards pensions and health insurance and all of those other practicalities that we artists types are so bad at tracking.

Feel free to stop by the Hudson Guild Community Center’s Theater to check out the Riant Theatre’s encore presentation of my Summer 2010 Strawberry One Act Festival Best Play Something Like Penguins!

That was a mouthful.

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Commercial Background

After a year I was finally called in to register with Background, Inc. For those who aren’t aware, they are one of the premiere background casting houses in New York specializing in commercials. Commercials are great work when you get it and commercial background is great for a couple of reasons. 1) The day rate is higher. 2) You can work on several “spots” in one day and get paid for each spot. 3) The possibility of “upgrades” is higher than on a TV show or feature film.

I’m very excited about this! I honestly didn’t want to have to go back to waiting tables.